Equipment Financing

RC Energy Group has an affiliated company, Rockwell Financial Group (RFG), which provides equipment financing and leasing products. Leasing equipment through either a capital lease or an operating lease, can make equipment financing much more feasible. Key advantages of leasing equipment include:

less initial expense:
Because equipment leases rarely require a down payment, a business can obtain the equipment it needs without significantly affecting its cash flow.
Preservation of cash:
Leasing allows a company to have cash on hand, providing the flexibility and security necessary for running day-to-day operations.
Tax savings:
Leasing offers tax savings not available by purchasing equipment outright. Lease payments, for instance, can usually be deducted as business expenses on a tax return.
Flexible terms:
Leases usually have more flexible terms than loans for buying equipment, which can be significant if a business has bad credit or needs to negotiate a longer payment plan.